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Cai Rang District

Cai Rang is an urban district of Can Tho in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The district borders Vinh Long to the east, and also Tay Phong Dien district, Hau Giang Province, and Bac Ninh Kieu district.

Area: 24 sq mi (63 km2)

Population (2007)

• Total 82,152

• Density 3,400/sq mi (1,313/km2)

Administrative divisions

Cai Rang District is divided into wards (Phường):

Lê Bình: 246,37 ha, 13,968 people

Thường Thạnh: 1.035,81 ha, 10,431 people

Phú Thứ: 2.013,29 ha, 12,781 people

Tân Phú: 806,66 ha, 6,386 people

Ba Láng: 531,52 ha, 6,339 people

Hưng Phú

Hưng Thạnh



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