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The team

The team is a young, professional and passionate group. Being the most valuable treasure, they are ideal, united and innovative people. We are proud of this team and are ready to create a better future. You are also welcome to join our online team to work with us. As for ways to join our online team.

Peter - Marketing Manager

I have a dream when I was a little boy, I dreamed that one day I could travel around the world and help the poor whom are in need. With the dream I kept searching for it and I found Asia Travel Legend, I found my dreams are coming true here.So try not to give up your dreams, for if dreams go, life is like the barren filed frozen with snow. I believe that there's no failure in the world but temporary pause to success. If you have not get what you want, you will get the better one! Believe me!


Johnson - Director

I have 10+ years of experience in Online Travel Marketing.Where there is a will there is a way! The ten years have witnessed the amazing growth of Asia Tourism as well as my own. Since our website has taken shape, my next goal is to make it a worldwide travel brand, and this is already starting!

Tran Son - Web Product Manager

Hi, my name is Tran Son, a Product Manager at Asia Travel Legend. It's my pleasure to provide you with helpful information about the vast Vietnam about its attractions, society, history and culture, etc. As a huge country with a long history, Asia is really worthy of a visit. Welcome to Asia and wish you a happy tour!

Anna Thao - Sales Online Manager

Politeness, integrity and impartiality are qualities I've learnt during my previous work experience. I always try to be energetic, patient and considerate when I am helping my customers, "All I can do to serve you, and deliver all your needs!'

Wendy - Content Product Manager

I’m Wendy. I enjoy making friends and communicating with people. Being with people and helping them always make me very happy.Asia Travel Legend offers me an opportunity to know more different people worldwide and help travel enthusiasts fulfill their travel dream. Actually I take my work as my life career as it's great to become part of people’s realization of dreams.

Doan Duc - Web Designer

As a web designer, I am very honored that my work is enjoyed by other people. Thanks for Asia Travel Legend to give me the chance to show my work to erveryone.