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Vom Cave systems

Vom Cave systems

Vom Grotto (Hang Vòm): a 15.05 km long, 145 m high grotto with several underground rivers, pools. This grotto features several spectacular stalagmite and stalactites. In the recent exploring of British Cave Research Association, the scientists have found an abyss in Vom Grotto named Tang hole with the deep of over 255m. This hole is the deepest hole in Vietnam.

Dai Cao Grotto (Hang Đai Cao): this grotto is a connection of Vom Grotto. This grotto is 1645 m long, 28 m high..

Duot Grotto (Hang Duột): This is a connection of Dai Cao Grotto with the length of 3.927 km and height of 45 m. There are some fine sand fields inside.

Ca Grotto (Hang Cá): a 1,500 m long, 62 m high grotto.

Ho Grotto (Hang Hổ): A connection of Ca Grotto with the length of 1,616 m and the height of 46 m

Over Grotto (Hang Over): a 3,244 m long, 103 m high grotto, with the width from 30–50 m.

Pygmy Grotto (Hang Pygmy): This 845 m long grotto has several streams falling from mounts.

Ruc Caroong Grotto (Hang Rục Caroòng): This the habitat of Arem ethnic group. They live in the caves, grottos and on hunting, harvesting natural products.

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