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Sapa Shopping

Sapa shopping is characterized by the ever-present and persistent local women and girls trying to offload all manner of supposedly traditional handicrafts.

The range of merchandise available in Sapa covers handicrafts from a large number of different hill tribes who trek surprisingly long distances to sell their products here.

Shopping in Sapa is a great experience. Get the best deals, learn about the best places to shop in Sapa from our guide below; then stop for some finger food, or relax in one of the Sapa Restaurants.

Sapa Shopping Guide

The different brightly colored and highly decorative fabrics and garment from the different hilltribes are popular purchases. Liquor is the hot item in Bac Ha. The list we have collected below should give you a place to start looking for that special something. We haven’t created a list since the central market (of both Sapa and Bac Ha) are really the only places you are likely to find anything you might be looking for.


Locally available clothing includes shirts made from Sapa fabric sold by the ethnic minority women, cheap t-shirts in the market, and more up-market cotton and linen shirts with elements of tribal weaving. There are also some good quality knock off jackets in the market.


There are several stalls in the upper part of the market selling silver jewellery, as well as a few shops on Cau May. Many of the H’mong women also sell the bangles from their wrists and the decorative combs in their hair.


H’mong and Red Dzao women sell beautifully stitched items on the street side, ranging from small pouches to bags and bed covers. There are also some beautiful textile shops on Cau May with a range of cushion and bed covers.

Hiking Gear

Forgot your rain jacket? Need a day pack for a hike? Want a warm fleece jacket or some solid hiking boots? Hiking equipment is available in numerous stores around the market. It may or may not be genuine, but much of the gear available is high quality.

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