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Hoi An flourished thanks to its port, attracting traders from China, Japan and the Mediterranean. Out of this mixture of cultures, a unique style of Vietnamese cooking developed, drawing upon a wide range of flavours, influences and cooking techniques. Hoi An is now home to a number of specialty dishes, many of which can be traced to foreign origins. The most famous is cao lau, a tasty soup made with thick wheat noodles, meat and aromatic vegetables. Though it may not be instantly recognisable to Japanese visitors today, it was influenced by imported Japanese soba noodles. Local lore says that the dish must be made from the water of a specific well -- others argue that it is simply the distinctive noodles that make it unique. A dryer version of the dish, mi quang, is also widely available. Chinese influenced rice-flower dumplings, called banh beo and banh vac (white rose) are also common. Much less publicised is com ga, a tasty stir-fry of rice, chicken, garlic and vegetables.

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