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Halong Weather

Halong is a beautiful coastal city with Halong Bay and many other beauty spots. Tourists who are planning to visit Halong should be provided with basic information about when and where to go. If you want your trip to be perfect, you should know a little about the destination and understanding local climate condition is also helpful.

As a coastal city, Halong represents the coastal climate features with 2 distinguished seasons; winter starts from November till April of next year, summer starts from May to October. Visiting Halong Bay in summer, tourists can relax on beautiful beaches or take part in interesting activities like kayaking, swimming or cruising. In winter, it is also interesting to visit the destination since there are lots of places to explore.

Like other cities and provinces in Vietnam, Halong belongs to the tropical region with the annual average temperature of 23,2ºC. Temperature reaches the highest point in June (28,6ºC) and reduce to the lowest point in January (16,7ºC). The annual air humidity is around 82,7%.

The annual rainfall is not adequately allocated between two seasons. In summer, the rainfall is high, accounting for 80-85% the total annual rainfall. In winter, it accounts for only 15-20% the total rainfall.

With its geographical and topographical features, Halong is influenced by two main kinds of monsoon: Northeast monsoon in winter and Southwest monsoon in summer. Although Halong is a coastal city, it is seldom affected by high-level storms. The highest-level storm is at level 11.

Basing on such basic climate features, it is much easier for tourists to choose which season to visit Halong. And the trips would be more memorable if the weather is fine as expected.

The best time to visit Halong Bay

Best time to go to Ha Long Bay is all year round except winter as it is quite cold in the winter especially for swimming and the sky is not so clear for a good view of the bay. That means you can go there from April to October. Vietnamese often go there from May to August as this is the hot summer in Northern Vietnam and going to the beach side becomes such a nice experience. However take a look at weather forecast is advisable because if it’s going to rain or worse a storm could spoil your visit there. There’s nothing much to do in such weather except stay indoors to pass the time. Summer time is also the time for storm and typhoon in Northern Vietnam so watch out. Ha Long authorities organize a Ha Long Carnival in June makes June the peak season there.

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