Da Lat’s Waterfalls

Prenn waterfall

It is located at the foot of Prenn Pass, on the road from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat. Prenn is one of the water falls retained the pristine of the Highland mountains.

You will have to pass through a small bridge over the stream to the waterfall. Forest birds chirping, the sound of the wind creates exciting sounds fun of her songs to welcome visitors.

At the foot of the water fall, each wildflower wings in the wind blooming make the landscape becomes more attractive. If you want to excurse with the wind, the cloud you can sit on the cabin of cable car systems to find their own sense of adventure while surfing through the waterfall. Moreover, coming to Prenn tourists can join the games such as shoot, drinking wine and so on.

Address: Deo Prenn, Dalat.

Phone: (063) 822278 – 503278

Camly Falls

Camly Falls waterfall is situated near the center of the city; 2km far from Da Lat to the west. Many people believe that word “ Camly” means cool freshwater streams deep into the human heart. It is regarded as the “soul” of Da Lat.


Cam Ly waterfall is the modest and quiet one, its water looks nice and shiny as the crystal in the sun. It is the Dat Lat’s beauty in particular and Vietnam’s beauty in general. Camly has become endless inspiration for artists.


Address: Hoang Van Thu Street, Da Lat.

Phone: (063) 824145 – 834372

Pongour Fall

 In the 1920s, after surveying the rivers and streams across the continent three countries (Indochina) Vietnam – Laos – and Campuchia, French researchers regarded the Central Highlands as the “land of the beautiful waterfalls.”

 According to the local language, Pongour means Rhinoceros horns, so the name meaning “huge” is with the breath of thousands of red-earth highlands. Yet until, Pongour still lives secretly in deep forests. This fall has majestic height of a 14-storey building; its width is more than twice the length of a football field.

 It is located in the primeval jungle; only trails are enough for just hunter’s foot. In the past, to go to these falls, people must go through many difficulties, but in 1999, Pongour jungle was opened. Located in Tan Hoi commune, Duc Trong district, 45km to Da Lat, it is about 7km from Highway 20. Travelers give Pongour nickname “The first Southern extraction waterfall first Southern extraction”. According to legend, the waterfall was attached to Ka Nai’s story, she was a beautiful chief. She had great contribution to K’Ho’s life. Ponguor has a festival waterfall on the fifteenth day of January, nowadays it has become one of the spring days of the youth in Da Lat – Lam Dong with many popular games, and traditional rituals of the local people.

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