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Tra Vinh, MekongDelta Vietnam

Location: Tra Vinh MekongDelta Vietnam

Capital city: Tra Vinh

Area (sq km): 2,369

Population: 989,000

Average temp: 25 - 27°C

Ethnic data: Viêt/Kinh, Cham, Hoa, Khmer,

Districts/wards: Cang Long, Cau Ke, Cau Ngang, Chau Thanh, Duyen Hai, Tieu Can, Tra Cu.


Tra Vinh Province is situated in the southern plain region of the Mekong Delta, with the soil a mixture of sand and mud silt deposits. Tra Vinh has many sandy caves and has three water regions: salty, sweetish and fresh water, making cultivation and aqua culture the main economic lifeblood of the province. It is bordered on the north by Vinh Long; on the southwest by Soc Trang; on the southeast by the South China Sea; on the northwest by Vinh Long.


Agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery.

Natural beauty sights:

Ba Dong Beach is 55 kilometres from Tra Vinh, in Truong Long Hoa, Duyen Hai district. Ba Dong Beach coast is lined with white sand for tens of kilometers.

The air is clear and fresh. During the colonialism era, the French built a resort and used it to rest and swim. This resort is also enjoyed by Vietnamese who spend weekends and vacations there.

Unfortunately, war and time have destroyed the road system to Ba Dong Beach. Tra Vinh authorities are now evaluating the rebuilding the road system.

Tra Vinh tourism office also plans to renovate and exploit Ba Dong seaside resort and turn it into an attractive tourist site in Cuu Long River Delta.

Ba Om Lake also called Ao Vuong, lies in Ta Cu quarter in Nguyet Hoa village. The lake, covering an approximate area of 10 hectares, lies along the National Highway 53, 7 kilometres southwest of Tra Vinh. The water is warm and calm water surrounded with sand dunes.

Historic sights:

Ang Pagoda is one of the Khmer ancient pagoda system in Tra Vinh. The pagoda is 7 kilometres from the centre of Tra Vinh town, located in an area of 4 hectares in Tra Cu hamlet, Nguyet Hoa Commune, Chau Thanh District.

The pagoda is surrounded by old trees of Ba Om pond. The architecture of pagoda is ancient and unique. It has been classified as a national heritage site by the Culture Information Ministry.

Co Pagoda (Chua Co) 45 kilometres from Tra Vinh, Uncle Ho Temple in Long Duc village. The grounds are a bird sanctuary.


Nginh Ong Festival.


Tra Vinh is 202 kilometres southwest of Ho Chi Minh City/SaiGon; 68 kilometres southeast of Vinh Long. There is bus and water transportation.

Transport - Land

Scheduled bus service from Mien Tay Bus Station in Ho Chi Minh City/SaiGon to either Can Tho or Vinh Long, changing for a local bus to Tra Vinh.

Transport - water

Boat tours can be arranged to Ngheu Islet (Con Ngheu), Ba Om Pond (Ao Ba Om) 8 kilometres from Tra Vinh, a casual arrangement arranged by bargaining.

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