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Dalat Weather

Da Lat’s weather and natural scenery create its hidden charm. It is famous for not only the waterfalls, hills but also the unique climatic regions. In addition, some special trees can bee found here.

Although Da Lat is in the middle of tropical weather, it characterizes the local topography. There fore, it has cool temperatures all around the year. The average temperature here is 18–21°C, with highest temperature of 30°C and lowest 5°C.

Even during the winter months, its average temperature is above 15oC. It is very stable through the seasons and just has little fluctuation. This is typical characteristics temperature of the tropical highlands.

Dalat is influenced mainly by the Northeast and Southwest monsoon. Monsoon season lasts from May to October. Its dry season begins when the Northeast monsoon comes, from November to April. As extremely tropical air dominates the Lam Vien Plateau, the sky is always bright and high as well. In day time, the sky is bright and warm, mostly cold at night. This type of weather lasts until the end of March.

Because the temperature is low with the control of high pressure, the air is in a stable condition. Thus it is easy to create a radiation fog at night. In the dawn of the dry season, Dalat always is deep in mist, but it does not keep for long time, it quickly melted as the sun rises. Also in this season, the air humidity is at the lowest, even there are several days its humidity drops to 8-9%.

Thanks to Southwest monsoon along with disturbances of its weather, sometimes the combination between the operations of tropical depression and storm in South China Sea gives Da Lat quite much rainfall (1,600 mm -1,800 mm). The most rainfall is often concentrated in the end of the season. The rainy season lasts nearly seven months (from April to October). As Da Lat is located on high area, its wind speed is usually stronger than one is in the plains, sometimes it has strong wind lasting 4-5 days (16-20 m /s).

In summary, the characteristic of Da lat climate is tropical monsoon of the highlands. Radiation is abundant, a cool and stable temperature type. Dalat is in the temperate region and has pleasant weather all year-round, so it is even sunny in the rainy season. During the winter months, the average temperature is 10 0C while during summer it is around 20 0C. Ideal weather is from November to March, when the air is fresh and cool.

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