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Hoian Attraction

The beauty of Hoi An is the fine combination of culture of Vietnam, China and Japan. One example is Japanese Bridge (Chua Cau Nhat Ban). According to a legend of Mamazu, the monster is so big that its head lays in India, its tail places in Japan and its back reaches Vietnam, and it creates earthquakes to destroy the countries. The Bridge was built as a shield to preven Mamazu from destroying the contry. Since then, Vietnam has faced no major earthquake. HoiAn is also famous for many Assembly Halls, established by Chinese in 17th century when they came here for trading.

Attraction Attraction
Thu Bon River Eco-tour zone of Bãi Chồng beach - Cham Island Hoi An
Cua Dai Beach Thanh Ha Fishing Village
Kim Bong Carpentry Village Thanh Ha Pottery Village
Museum of Folkore in Hoian Tra Que Herb Village
Cham Island in Hoian Hoian Japanese Coverd Bridge
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